Mom Notices Blood On Teen’s Clothes And A Baby On Her Porch, Then Realizes Daughter Gave Birth

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Seventeen-year-old Braeley Pettigrew is about to graduate from high school. This spring, she and her family were about to visit colleges she was interested in.

But after a startling find, she was close to putting those plans on hold. 

One night, the teen thought she had the stomach flu, and got up to use the bathroom in the early hours of the morning. But what she thought was a “tough” bowel movement turned out to be something much different. When she looked down into the toilet, she saw a newborn baby boy.

Pettigrew quickly got the baby out of the toilet, wrapped him up to keep him warm, and cut the umbilical cord.

She acted quickly, and though it was clear that she had given birth, she had no idea she had been pregnant in the first place.

She told her mom that a stranger had left the baby on the front porch, but her mom quickly noticed blood on her daughter’s clothes, and called the police. After authorities got involved, and her mother showed her support, Pettigrew admitted the baby was, in fact, hers, and had not been abandoned. She and the baby were taken to the hospital, where they are thankfully in good health. She decided to keep the infant and named him Kayden.

The teen, who never imagined that she would be a mother so soon, faces the tough journey of motherhood ahead of her, but thankfully she has friends and family who are there to help.

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