Teen Training To Be An Undertaker Says Doing Hair and Makeup On Dead Bodies Is ‘So Rewarding’

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Most 19-year-olds aren’t quite sure what they want to do with their lives yet, but Beth Hand has it all figured out, according to Caters News. The teen has already started working as an undertaker, and says she totally loves it.

Beth has been working as an undertaker since she was just 17. She first discovered the job thanks to a work experience placement, and is now working her way through a special program to get all her credentials. The teen plans to become an embalmer and a fully qualified undertaker in the next four years.

Part of Beth’s job is making sure that people go to their own funerals looking their absolute best. She works closely with dead bodies; Beth grooms them after death, does their hair, makeup, and even nails. She calls the processing “so, so rewarding.”

But Beth says she also loves working closely with the families of those who have passed on, and says she enjoys “being on their level” and “comforting them when it’s hard for them,” adding, “It’s nice to be there for them.”

In addition to working with the bodies, Beth does manual work on headstones and coffins.

Would you ever consider working as an undertaker?

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Photos: Caters News; Wikimedia Commons / Thomas Kohler

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