High School Senior Takes Adorable Family Cat To Prom

by Rebecca Landman
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Prom is certainly one of the more anxiety-producing events of any high school experience.

When Sam Steingard, a high school senior, couldn’t find a classmate with whom to attend his senior prom, he asked an unlikely companion to be his date: his family cat, Ruby.

Ruby, one of Sam’s biggest fans, was into the idea. Dolled up in her gorgeous pink ensemble, Ruby played the part of gorgeous prom date well.

No stranger to the camera’s lens, she graciously posed for pre-prom portraits, gazing up at her date with the dreamiest stare.

Sam’s older sister, Caroline, promptly shared this cute couple’s photo online. In just four days, over 160,000 people viewed the photo, prompting all sorts of different responses.

Most were shocked that Caroline’s adorable brother couldn’t seem to find a human date for the prom.

This story is yet another prime example of how, when things aren’t necessarily going our way, pets can certainly be a steady source of love and light in our lives.

Scroll through below for a look at this adorable cat and teen duo!

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When Sam Steingard couldn’t find a prom date, he didn’t wallow in self-pity.

Instead, he decided to make light of the situation, and bring his family cat, Ruby, as his date.

cat and teen

Sam and Ruby have been longtime buds.

They often pose for adorable photos together, shot by their photographer father, Bryan Steingard of Bryan Steingard Photography.

cat prom date

All dressed up in her precious pink dress, this lovely lady stared up at her favorite brother with nothing short of total admiration.

cat and teen

Whether these two are dressed to the nines, or lounging at home taking selfies, they’re always an adorable pair.

cat and teen

When Sam’s sister, Caroline, posted the photo of these two prom dates online, it quickly accrued over 160,000 views.

Folks left all sorts of comments, many wondering how this cute teen couldn’t find himself another classmate to take to the dance.


While we may never know why none of Sam’s classmates accepted his promposal, we’re sure he had the most adorable date of them all.

cat and teen

When Sam needed her most, this sweet cat was there for her brother, ready to lift his spirits and save the day.

Even though this teen couldn’t find a prom date at school, he didn’t have to look very far for a backup.

His adorable family cat, Ruby, made a perfect companion.

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