Teen Sleeps Over At Friend’s House But When He Calls Mom The Next Day, His Voice Sounds Bizarre

by Amy Paige
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In July 2008, Bonnie Dietz and her husband were at work the morning after their 17-year-old son Cody stayed the night at his friend’s house.

But that morning, Cody wouldn’t wake up. Since they’d been partying the night before, his friends figured he was just sleeping it off. The truth, however, was much more terrifying.

The father of Cody’s friend called Bonnie and put Cody up to the phone — but all she could hear were garbling sounds. Cody was incoherent. The father called 911.

Cody underwent a CAT scan at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. Most people think strokes only happen to older people, which is why Cody’s loved ones were shocked to learn he had suffered a large left-brain stroke at the age of 17.

Thinking back, Cody’s friends and family remembered he’d been exhibiting some peculiar behavior in the months leading up to the stroke. He had some slurred speech and shaking in his arm and leg, but all of those symptoms went away.

Little did they know it was a frightening sign of things to come. “My advice to parents is don’t ignore any signs your kid may have,” Bonnie told 1011 News.

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Video Credit: Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center / YouTube / Facebook

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