14-Year-Old Sings Hauntingly Beautiful Song With Her Dad On Guitar As Mom Marries New Husband

by Olivia Jakiel
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I know — there’s a lot to unpack in that headline, but that’s show biz, baby.

Leah Hoey, 14, sang her mother’s absolute favorite song — Donna Taggart’s “This I Promise You” — on her special day as she walked down the aisle toward her new husband.

The kicker here? Leah’s dad (her mom’s ex-partner) played guitar as Leah sang, which made the event that much more emotional. The bride’s 16-year-old son, Dylan, walked her down the aisle while all this was captured on video. Seriously, talk about having a great relationship with your blended family!

Tracey, Leah’s mom and the beautiful bride, told Caters News, “I wanted my kids to be a big part of the wedding, so Leah sang me up the aisle whilst Dylan walked me halfway up the aisle.”

She added, “Their dad, Peter, and I are still friends. He lives in Tenerife, so he flew over the night before the wedding and they practiced but Leah got it straight away. As I was walking up the aisle, she just blew me away and got a standing ovation afterward.”

Wow, what an incredible experience for everyone involved!

“Leah has been singing since she was just four years old, she has always been a performer,” Tracey said.

I’d have to agree! Leah has the voice of an angel!

Congrats on the big day, Tracey!

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