Teen Screams When She Catches Home Intruder, But Is Even More Terrified When She Recognizes Him

by Rachel Gariepy
Rachel Gariepy is an experienced Editorial Director for a variety of digital publications including LittleThings and Purple Clover. She has written for, edited and managed teams across multiple lifestyle properties, including sites for celebrity clientele including, but not limited to Jenni (JWOWW) Farley, NeNe Leakes, and Vanessa Hudgens. Rachel has experience wearing many fun and fanciful hats including content strategist, creator, editor and project manager. She, like Mitch Hedberg before her, sometimes wrestles with the idea of wearing a beret. She also enjoys hiking, reading and hanging out with dogs.

What would you do if you walked down the stairs of your own home to wish your parents a good night, only to be accosted by an intruder?

That’s exactly what happened to a teenage girl in Chesterfield County, Virginia, and the interaction had her, understandably, in screaming hysterics.

Things got even more bizarre when the young girl realized that the stranger in her house was not a stranger at all and was, in fact, a fellow high school classmate, sneaking around her family’s property in his socks. Presumably, he had taken off his shoes in the garage so as not to be heard or detected.

Luckily, the teen girl’s father was home and got up to investigate for himself.

Fortunately, the teen intruder was caught by multiple security cameras located in and around the house. In this chilling video footage, you can plainly see the boy rummaging through the family’s truck and even lighting up for a smoke break. You can also see the terrifying moment the 14-year old barefoot boy creeps into the kitchen and peeks around the home.

In addition to this break-in incident, police are saying that they believe the teen could be involved in several reported gun thefts that have happened around the area.

Footage provided by WTVR Richmond


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