Teen’s Wallet Was Stolen At Movie Theater In 1962. 58 Years Later, It’s Returned Back To Her

by Amy Paige
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Donna Brown was 15 years old when she went to her local movie theater, called the Sunset, and lost her red wallet.

The ruby-red billfold disappeared while she was in the bathroom. Donna washed her hands and left her wallet there. By the time she went back to get it, it was gone. Inside the wallet was a collection of precious black-and-white photos and a special silver dollar, her identification cards, and her worker’s permit.

Nearly six decades later, Terry Clark — the owner of the Sunset Theater — began renovations to turn the old theater into a remodeled performing arts center.

During construction, the crew found a red wallet stuck inside the walls.

Terry knew he needed to track down its rightful owner.

“What touched me was the pictures,” he said. “The family pictures, the friends that said best wishes, ‘I hope we never lose touch’, all the things that they wrote on the pictures like we did with our yearbooks. That was Facebook in 1960, you carried it with you… I didn’t know the history of those people, I didn’t know who passed, I didn’t know what meaning they had to her, so I knew I had to get it back to her.”

Terry reached out to his community members on social media and asked if anyone could identify the mysterious red wallet … and then he went a step further in an amazingly heart-melting direction.

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