Teen Hero Uses PVC Pipes To Make Hundreds Of Beds For Shelter Dogs Sleeping On Hard Floors

by Amy Paige
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Chance Call, 17, has loved animals ever since he saw those tear-jerking TV ads as a little boy. You know, those commercials that encourage viewers to call in and help save a stray dog or cat while heartbreaking images of lonely animals flash across the screen.

Chance has been involved with his town’s Eagle Scout program in Utah since 2015. For his latest project with the organization, he wanted to do something to help animals.

At first, Chance wanted to collect blankets to donate to the local animal shelter… but that idea morphed into something even bigger.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, more than 6 million animals enter shelters nationwide every year. While many of these shelters try to do everything they can to make the animals comfortable, sometimes there isn’t enough time, money, or resources to go around.

That means some animals wind up having to sleep on a shelter’s cold, hard floors.

Chance did some research and learned about simple yet comfortable dog beds that can be made using PVC pipes. He contacted hundreds of donors, vendors, and volunteers in an effort to raise enough funds to build 150 dog beds from scratch. The teen’s original goal was to collect $2,500, but he exceeded that goal and collected $3,500.

With the help of his fellow Eagle Scouts, Chance poured his heart and soul into 120 hours of work, all for an incredible cause.

Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake City

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