Smiling Teen Poses For Photo Before Prom, But Doesn’t See Uninvited Guest Crouched Behind Her

by June Rivers
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Shana was gearing up for one of the biggest nights of her life: prom. With her makeup done, curlers in her hair and her prom dress waiting upstairs, her entire family was waiting to see her off.

Among Shana’s grandparents, siblings and cousins was her great aunt Doreen, who asked Shana to stand in the living room for some pre-prom photos.

The beautiful teen noticed a giant orange box standing against the wall, but didn’t think much of it. Then, after quieting down the excited family, Doreen addresses her niece:

“I’ve been with you all of your life, from Pre-K to now you’re in the eleventh grade, and I wanted to give you something special. Can you open the box, please?”

And with that, Shana turns around to unwrap the box… and discovers her beloved dad had been hiding behind her the entire time. They hadn’t seen each other in months!

Dad secretly teamed up with Doreen to surprise his daughter before seeing her off on prom night. Judging from Shana’s reaction, the unexpected photoshoot was completely worth it.

“This Aunt deserves a metal, flowers, dinner all the good stuff,” one commenter writes. “She is AWESOME.”

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