15-Year-Old Girl Gets Whopping $45K Surgery After Mom Notices Her Oddly Shaped Spine

by Angela Andaloro

There are some things about our bodies that we take for granted day in and day out. One London mom learned that the hard way when she glanced over at her 15-year-old daughter tying her shoelaces and noticed something she’d never seen before.

Estelle Cable noticed her daughter’s back looked uneven. A closer look revealed her spine was effectively S-shaped. In a short period of time, Olivia was diagnosed with scoliosis and fitted with a back brace.

Her family did their own research and determined she would need surgery before she grew any more in order to prevent more serious problems from presenting themselves later in life. “As soon as she got the diagnosis, it felt like a race against time to get her back fixed.

We knew she needed it sorting before her back stopped growing to avoid problems later in life,” Estelle explained.

The family’s research led them to a private experimental surgery that would require traveling to Germany. It would also cost them £35,000, or more than $45,000 USD.

 “Despite the surgery being pricey, we knew that it was best for Olivia as it was the one that allowed her spine to grow whilst straightening it. We started fundraising to get as many donations as possible, and finally in March we were able to fly over and get the surgery that she needed,” her mom said.

And in just six days, Olivia was walking up the stairs, the milestone that meant she was allowed to return home from the hospital. Both Olivia and her family were simply elated. They acknowledge that there’s a long way to go in her recovery, but they’re in good spirits to see the journey through. They anticipate that by this time next year, Olivia’s life will be back to normal. We can’t imagine what a relief it must be for this family to be so close to the end of such an emotional journey.

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