Teen Horrified By His Yellow Teeth Orders $60 Veneers That End Up Being Total Failures

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Ben Watson’s teeth are perfectly straight, but the 19-year-old still wanted to change their appearance — a desire that pushed him to drop $60 on veneers.

It all started when he saw a photo of himself, which had been taken with the flash on. The teen was appalled and horrified by how yellow his teeth looked.

“When the flash hit my teeth, they were yellower than the sun,” Watson told Inside Edition. “I thought, ‘I am going to have to invest, rather buy some teeth, buy some teeth-whitening or look at a cheaper way to correct them.'”

He blames their color on his habit of drinking coffee and Red Bull very often.

Ben went online and bought veneers for $60.

“I thought I was just going to wear them over my regular teeth and nobody would be able to tell the difference,” he said. “They were advertised to [be] sticking over my teeth, no hassle, mess free.”

When they arrived, his roommate opened the package and let out a laugh. When Ben came home, he saw why: They were definitely not what he’d been expecting.

“I just thought this couldn’t get any worse,” he added.

When he put them on, it looked like Ben had purchased them as part of a costume. They didn’t stay in place and jutted out. Instead of using them seriously, Ben and his friends decided to get a good laugh out of the veneers.

“It really was funny but bad at the same time,” said Ben, who doesn’t plan on asking for a refund.

Watch the clip to see what he looks like with the veneers on!

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Photos: Inside Edition

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