Teen Mom Earns More Than $1 Million In College Scholarships After Graduating Valedictorian

by Angela Andaloro

Hard work and determination can take you anywhere. No one knows that better than Lamyrical Harris. The young lady has just graduated as valedictorian of Trezevant High School in Memphis, Tennessee.

She’s earned over $1 million in scholarships and acceptance into 25 different schools for her achievement — and she’s done it all while being a teen mom.

Lamyrical learned she was pregnant during her junior year of high school. A determined student, she wouldn’t let her situation stand in the way of her goals. While Lamyrical acknowledged that she was scared, her child served as her motivation. “It just made me go 10 times harder,” she says. She continued to receive academic honors and remain at the top of her class after giving birth to son Laderrious Moore.

By the end of her junior year, she’d already amassed $200,000 in scholarships. By the beginning of her senior year, she was at $500,0000.

Trezevant High School celebrated Lamyrical’s achievements with a Facebook post. The school wrote, “Our valedictorian, Lamyrical Harris, has been offered a total of $1,244,298 in ACADEMIC scholarships, making her our first to receive this honor.”

Assistant Principal Yolanda Sherrod spoke about Lamyrical’s work ethic with CBS affiliate WREG. “She came to school. She took care of business, and her motivation has been her child.”

Lamyrical hasn’t decided on what school she’ll attend in the fall. She does plan to give back to the Trezevant High School community. She also plans on getting her son on the right track to be a valedictorian in his own right one day. “I want him to be valedictorian of his class, and I want him to have over a million dollars in scholarships,” she noted.

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