Teen Becomes Millionaire All By Himself Yet Still Lives At Home To Care For Deaf Parents

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Imagine you’re 19 again.

Now, imagine you’re 19 again and you just became a multi-millionaire. What would you do?

That’s exactly what happened to 19-year-old Akshay Ruparelia, who started his own company in high school.

While still in school, Akshay had the idea to start a real estate company.  He was so successful that the company is now valued at just over $15 million, and he only founded it a year ago.

Becoming a millionaire overnight at 19 sounds like a dream — but it also sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster.

There are plenty of tragic tales about young teenage stars who lost control when they became millionaires.

For Akshay, though, the exact opposite seems to have happened.

Keep reading to learn more about Akshay.

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Akshay Ruparelia

Meet Akshay Ruparelia. He’s a 19-year-old multi-millionaire.

House keys

When Akshay was still in school, he founded his own real estate company. His company, called Doorsteps is able to charge less than the competition. Low prices helped Doorsteps rocket to success.

Money in a wallet

But, despite the fact that he’s become a millionaire basically overnight, Akshay still holds on to the life he lived before money came rolling his way.

Recently, Akshay appeared on the British TV show “This Morning.” On the show, he revealed that he still lives at home, despite how much money he makes.

Papers for learning sign language

But Akshay isn’t freeloading off his parents, or anything of the sort.

Both his mom and dad are deaf, so he stays home to care for them.

Penthouse view of London

Akshay could easily afford some of the nicest apartments in London, get into the fanciest clubs, and party with the coolest people.

Instead, he told “This Morning” that he pays himself an average salary of $1,300 a month, and doesn’t even have a car.

Young Akshay Ruparelia and his family

Akshay has been caring for his parents since he was young, and says that it was that responsibility that actually helped him build the kind of mentality he needs to run a successful business.

Online, people were stunned by Akshay’s humility and his dedication to his loving parents.

Of course, one of Akshay’s top tips to success is, “listen to your mum. She’s right more often than she’s not.”

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