Teen Keeps The American Flag From Touching The Ground In This Viral Photo

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

When Rhonda Pester heard from her mother that her son, Cole, needed help, she could only begin to imagine what was wrong.

We’re sure that, as a mother, a million different scenarios could have been running through her head.

But when Cole’s grandmother pulled up to where he said he was, she couldn’t help but take a picture. There he was, standing outside the Continental High School in Continental, OH, which he is set to graduate from. But it’s what he had in his hand that is making this photo go viral! So far, the photo has gotten well over 60,000 shares. The teen was sworn in as a Marine just last year, but he shows his love for country in more than one way.

Now scroll down to see the snapshot of the 18-year-old’s admirable action.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Cole Dotson

Cole Dotson is a senior at the Continental High School in Continental, OH. He was driving by the school on a Sunday when he something caught his eye. He was so appalled that he had to stop his car and call his grandmother for help.

Just last year, Cole was sworn in as a Marine; he is set to graduate high school this week, and will be speaking to Marine representatives concerning his future.

But wherever his path leads him, his love for his country will shine through, as it did on this simple drive past his high school.

When his grandmother pulled up to the school, thinking it was emergency, she saw him simply standing there. Then she saw what was in his hand…

Cole reportedly followed his instincts, and applied what he learned during his time in the Boy Scouts.

He learned that the American flag should never touch the ground or anything beneath it, out of respect. So when he saw that the flag outside his school was hanging a little too close to the ground, he called his grandmother, who works at the school, for help. When she pulled up, she saw the flag in his hand, safely away from the ground.

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