Teen Finds Wallet In Shopping Cart With $1,500 Inside, Then The Owner Comes Back For It

by Emerald Pellot
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If I found $1,500, I don’t know if I’d do what this Beaumont, Texas, teen did.

Kameron Grigsby works at HEB grocery store. While sorting shopping carts in the parking lot, the Central High School football player discovered a wallet with $1,500 in cash and a cell phone.

“The phone was at the front of the cart — you know, like they were waiting to check out and forgot to grab it,” Kameron told 12 News. “The purse was in a bigger basket at the bottom. One of the kids must’ve had it or something.”

Kameron instantly thought about what that money could mean to the owner — not himself.

“I turned it in. My first mind was, this could be somebody’s bill money, car note, house note or mortgage,” he said.

He reported the missing wallet to his manager, and soon after, the rightful owner came in.

“The woman with the phone, she came right back, so I was able to give it to her. And she said thank you,” he recalled.

Kameron credits his upbringing and coach for teaching him compassionate values.

“You can always do the right thing, like our coach says, the right way. You don’t have to always go astray. Stay on the right path, and stay focused,” Kameron told 12 News. “I always believe you get it back threefold.”

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Footage provided by KBMT Beaumont

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