Employee Takes One Look At Teen Girl And Refuses To Let Her Ride Ferris Wheel With Friends

by Amy Paige
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Kathryn Embry, 18, recently took a routine class trip to a popular sports megastore known for its 16-car Ferris wheel. Kathryn has Down syndrome; half of the students in her class have special needs, and the rest are peer students who work with and help mentor them.

They usually ride the Ferris wheel in pairs.

The very first entry on the ride’s list of rules states that each rider must be able to understand and follow the rules. That’s no problem for Kathryn, who helps manage her soccer team and is known for keeping everyone in line.

“You can look at her and see that she has a disability,” Kathryn’s mom, Karen, told WDAF. “But it says nothing about what her capabilities are. She can read the rules. She can follow the rules.”

However, none of the employees at the store ever even bothered to talk to Kathryn and ask her if she understood the rules. Apparently, they just looked at her appearance and made a judgment call.

Kathryn was so excited to ride the Ferris wheel with her buddy — but before she stepped onto the ride, she was swiftly turned away.

Now her fiercely loyal friends are fighting back.

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City

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