Rate Of Fatal Crashes Involving Teens On Phones Has Dropped By A Third In Last 10 years

by Sarah Bregel
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Distracted driving is a huge issue for so many reasons. That’s because people have a hard time disconnecting from their phones, even when they’re behind the wheel.

The results have led to huge increases in the rates of fatal crashes over the years. But when it comes to teens who are just learning to drive, there’s hope because the rates of fatal crashes in teens due to distracted driving is way down — by a big margin.

That’s great news for teens, as well as their worried parents. It can be tough to let your child loose on the open road at first. But the decrease is definitely good news. It’s a pretty significant drop, too, at about a third fewer fatal accidents as a result of distracted driving in teens.

The new study shows that laws that ban cellphone use while driving appear to be working. It’s a bit of a shocking turnaround, actually, because so many people do still use their phones while driving. Whether it be for navigation purposes, talking, or texting, it’s hard to ban all cellphone use while on the road.

However, this research showed that in states where there’s a law that bans texting, the death rate definitely went down for 16- to 19-year-olds.

Hopefully, kids behind the wheel will stay adamant about not texting and driving and keep abiding by the law.

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