Teen Walks Into Prom Only To Learn It’s A Fake ‘Decoy’ Event Before Turning Tables On Bullies

by June Rivers
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In 2010, an 18-year-old student named Constance McMillen made national headlines, and it all started with the high school prom.

Constance was so excited to attend prom at her school in Fulton, Mississippi — but she had two questions for the administrators. She wanted to know if she could wear a tuxedo to the dance and also bring her girlfriend.

Not only did the school say “no” to both of her questions, but it canceled the entire prom altogether.

With ACLU at her side, Constance fought back against the school and created a wave of national controversy. After all the lawsuits and media blitz, the community attempted to smooth things over. But many people believe what happened next was even more horrible than before.

Another event for the students was organized. Constance and her date were invited to a parent-sponsored prom at a country club. Nice enough, right? Well, not exactly.

The pair walked in to find only a handful of other students in attendance. Meanwhile, her other classmates were dancing the night away at the “real” prom, 30 miles away!

Word of the so-called “decoy” prom began to spread. Constance was hurt and disappointed, especially since her own high school principal and teachers served as chaperones to her fake prom.

In the video below, Constance sits down with Ellen DeGeneres, who was blown away by the brave teen’s story from the beginning.

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