Teen Screams In Pain But Doesn’t Know She’s Pregnant Until Doctors Cut Off Her Pants To See Baby

by Amy P
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Dr. Kathleen Clem, an emergency physician, was called into the ER to treat a teenage girl named Amber who was screaming in pain.

Not only did Amber not realize she was in labor, but she had no idea she was even pregnant until the moment she delivered the baby!

According to CBS News, “It may seem highly implausible for a woman to go through nine months of pregnancy without realizing she has a baby on the way. Yet experts say it happens more often than most people think. The phenomenon is called cryptic pregnancy or pregnancy denial, and according to one British study it occurs in approximately 1 in 2,500 pregnancies.”

In the clip below, which is a reenactment featured on Untold Stories Of The ER, doctors scramble to cut Amber’s pants off just in time to deliver her baby girl.

Seconds later, Amber’s father hears the baby crying and runs into the room, confused and enraged. “Dad, I wasn’t pregnant. I couldn’t be!” she insisted.

That’s when Dr. Clem went to speak with Amber’s teenage boyfriend who was sitting there with his head in his hands, in complete shock; he said there was no way he could’ve gotten Amber pregnant.

But the reason he believed this? You’ve gotta hear this reasoning for yourself.

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