After 4-Month-Old Twins Die From Being Left In Hot Car, Teen Creates Car Tag To Save Children

by Amy Paige
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In May 2018, 4-month-old twin infants were reportedly left in a hot car for several hours in Chesterfield, Virginia.

The siblings, a boy and a girl, were found unresponsive in the SUV after police officers believed their father accidentally left them inside.

According to the New York Times:

Dozens of children die of heatstroke each year in cars whose temperatures, even on relatively mild days, can quickly soar past 100 degrees. Many of those children were left behind by a distracted caregiver. …

“Safety advocates have tried to educate caregivers through appearances on television shows, advertising campaigns, literature, and more. Some efforts have included tips, such as putting one’s briefcase or purse next to the child, in hopes of helping caregivers remember the child in back.”

Hannah Rhudy, a 14-year-old middle school student from Chesterfield, was deeply affected by the story about the twins who died in her hometown. She has a passion for children and hopes to teach kindergarten after graduating college.

The teen was determined to find a way to keep these types of tragic and senseless deaths from happening, especially since they can so easily be avoided.

Watch the video below to see why Hannah is being hailed a hometown hero for her simple yet potentially lifesaving idea.

Footage provided by WTVR Richmond

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