Teen With Brain Cancer Shaves Head And Wears Wig, But School Tells Her She’s Breaking Dress Code

by Lindsey Weedston

A teenage girl battling brain cancer for the second time was dismayed when her school said that her wig was a violation of the dress code. Kate Pepper had decided to get her long, beautiful braids shaved off when she started losing her hair from the cancer treatments.

“Losing your hair is always the tough part about having cancer,” Kate said on YouTube. “But at the end of the day, I know I can make it through and that my hair will grow back.”

To help her through such a difficult time, Kate and her mother went out to buy her a wig and found one that the teen absolutely loved.

“After a few days of us looking I was able to hide my baldness and show my strength with a two tone turquoise and black wig that symbolizes confidence, integrity and power, to help me weather through the storm,” she wrote in a letter to her school.

She wrote the letter and posted it on Facebook after her school told her she couldn’t wear the wig. She was hoping that her public plea would inspire the school district to change its mind.

Thankfully, it worked. The lieutenant governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, found out about Kate’s story and personally asked the school to make an exception.

“I support clear rules for students but I am asking McKinney ISD to create an exception to their dress code and allow Kate Pepper to wear her beautiful wig,” Dan wrote on Twitter.

McKinney ISD reversed its decision on that same day. By Monday, Kate was back to school in her gorgeous wig.

“I feel a relief,” said Kate. “And I am honestly hoping that if anyone else is going through my circumstances that this will help them along the way as well.”

Footage provided by KDAF Dallas

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