Teen Zooms In On Photo Of Beautiful Sunrise And Swears A Mysterious Boy Was Sitting In His Truck

by Amy Paige
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Troy Vance is a teenager who loves taking photos of nature. Recently, Troy was sitting in his truck when he noticed a gorgeous Ohio sunrise behind him.

He thought it’d make for some beautiful snapshots.

Troy hopped out of the vehicle and took a photo of the sky while facing his truck. He didn’t see anything out of the ordinary while snapping away.

Once he uploaded the photo to Facebook, however, people started commenting on it. They asked Troy if he was the one sitting in the front seat of the truck.

Confused, Troy took a closer look at the photo and saw the mysterious face staring at him from the front seat.

“I zoomed in and saw the ghostly face in the windshield,” he told Caters News Agency. “My heart just stopped. I was in complete shock.”

Troy insists there was no one inside the truck when he took the photo.

The chilling image went viral, and now Troy is saying this isn’t the first time something this “ghostly” has happened in his truck.

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