Teen Begs For Leniency For Woman Who Kidnapped Her And Pretended To Be Her Mom For 18 Years

by Morgan Greenwald
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Eighteen years ago, Kamiyah Mobley was snatched from the hospital as a newborn and raised under the name Alexis Manigo. For most of her life, Kamiyah didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary about her life or whom she thought to be her mother, Gloria Williams.

But as she got older, she started to feel like something wasn’t right.

In fact, Gloria Williams had kidnapped Kamiyah at just 8 hours old, posing as a nurse at the hospital where she was born. And just last year, detectives received a tip that led to Kamiyah’s discovery in South Carolina. DNA tests confirmed that Alexis Manigo was the missing baby abducted from the hospital nearly 20 years ago, and Kamiyah was reunited with the biological family she never knew she had.

Despite recent revelations about who her “mother” actually is, Kamiyah refuses to hate Gloria and has spoken out for the first time, saying she forgives her for what she did.

“It’s not like she took me and tortured me my whole life,” Kamiyah told the Daily Mail. “Don’t get me wrong, I do feel like it was wrong. But we talked about it, and I can understand at the time what was going on. I sympathize with her. I’m not mad at her — of course I forgive her.”

However, Kamiyah’s openness to the woman whom she thought to be her mother has created a rift in her newfound relationship with her biological mother, who feels like she can’t compete.

“I see my baby girl wanting [Gloria] in her life and not me,” Kamiyah’s biological mother, Shanara, wrote on Facebook. “The tears won’t stop.”

Though Kamiyah knows that Gloria will serve time for what she did, she hopes the court will be lenient in their sentencing.

“I am certain that she’s going to get time, but I’m hoping not very, very long,” said Kamiyah. “I think they should be lenient. She took care of me very well.”

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Photos: Facebook / Alexis Kelli Manigo ; WoChit

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