Teen Goes To School, But Mom Is Stunned When The Pin On Her Uniform Gets Her Kicked Out

by June Rivers
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A 14-year-old UK student named Kayleigh Handshaw had been wearing a small yet meaningful pin on the left lapel of her school uniform. She wore it every day for about a year, in memory of her aunt who was diagnosed with cancer and passed away.

The pin was actually a charity badge — a little yellow Macmillan flower to promote cancer awareness. It was the only badge Kayleigh wore on a her black blazer. And when her grandfather also got cancer, the badge became even more special to her and her family.

Then, one day in 2014, the badge Kayleigh had worn every day for a whole year suddenly came into question. She arrived at school as usual but was stopped at the gate by a school administrator, who told her to remove the yellow flower from her uniform at once.

But Kayleigh refused — and she was told to leave school.

Kayleigh was then suspended from school entirely, along with 60 other students who wore badges in support of cancer research!

In the clip below, Kayleigh proudly dons her charity badge while her outraged mom Deborah explains the school’s “ridiculous” reasoning for their decision.

Some parents agree with the school in trying to maintain some order, while others strongly criticize the overly strict rules.

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