Girl Who Made Headlines After Being Attacked With Explosives Is Now A Teen Defying Medical Odds

by Amy Paige
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In 2007, a 19-month-old baby girl named Teeba was struck by a roadside bomb in war-torn Iraq. She was left permanently bald, with severe burns across her head and face.

As Teeba grew older and more aware of her peers, she started begging her parents for a wig so as to avoid the bullying she faced on a daily basis.

Teeba was badly teased because of her burns and scars and lived in social isolation.

Desperate to help his daughter but without the resources to do so, Teeba’s father asked an American journalist to tell Teeba’s story in the States. Her photo ended up in a newspaper 6,000 miles away in Cleveland, Ohio.

Barbara Marlowe was reading the morning paper when she was instantly struck by the photo of Teeba and the story of how she fought to survive the brutal bomb attack.

She was particularly struck by the little girl’s beautiful yet sad eyes; it was as if she were calling out for help right there on the page.

Barbara, who was 51 at the time and unable to conceive children (though she’d always dreamed of it), became consumed with doing whatever she could to help Teeba.

Together, Barbara and her husband began working feverishly to bring Teeba to Ohio out of the kindness of their hearts. They set up doctor appointments, made arrangements for her new wig, and secured her travel visas.

Now all Barbara needed was for the blessing from Teeba’s parents — would they release her to the States to complete strangers if it meant getting their daughter the medical attention she so desperately needed?

Watch the video below to see Teeba today at age 17. Truly remarkable.

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