Mom Is Missing Out On Kids’ Lives, So She Bans Technology From Their Childhood

by Emerald Pellot
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Iris Tirri missed a pivotal milestone in her son’s life. That’s when she had the last straw. Iris was scrolling on her smart phone, when all of a sudden her 7-year-old daughter alerted her about one of her 18-month-old twins.

“She started yelling at me, ‘Mom, look up, Franklin’s walking,’ and I had just been scrolling on my newsfeed and I looked up and he had tumbled down. I had missed those couple of steps,” Iris recalled.

The New Jersey mom decided to do something crazy from September 2016 to September 2017, for an entire year, she will give up technology.

Instead of a smart phone she’s using a polaroid camera and a rotary phone. She swapped a fancy stereo for a class record player.

“I think I am the last generation to have a childhood without technology,”she said. “I feel that I am missing part of my children’s life. The amount of time I spend on my iPhone is just awful.”

Iris doesn’t want to miss out on her children’s childhood, she also doesn’t want her children to miss out on theirs. Her husband will still have a cell phone for work and emergencies, but she and the kids are staying away from it.

“He’s skeptical, but a little skeptical how long I am going to last because I do like technology, checking up my friends and family, posting pictures of my kids,” she said.

Iris preemptively told her family and friends they won’t be able to contact her online. The mom plans on keeping  a journal for the year.

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