Teacher Looks Like A Superhero Dashing Barefoot Through Storm To Warn Parents About Tornado

by Angela Andaloro

Tornadoes have been very active throughout the Midwest recently. The situation can be terrifying, as sometimes there are only moments between finding out about an oncoming tornado and it coming through your town.

One teacher put herself in the way of danger to keep her students’ parents safe when a line of tornadoes was heading toward the area.

According to People, Megan Parson is a fourth grade teacher at Hays Elementary School in Rockwall, Texas. The area outside of Dallas was pummeled by a series of tornadoes that day. The storms didn’t relent after dismissal. While students were ordered to hunker down inside the building, parents who had arrived to pick up their kids were unaware of what was happening.

That’s when Megan sprang into action. She took off her shoes and ran barefoot toward the parents, alerting them to take cover as well. Amid the chaos, Megan didn’t realize she was still wearing a fake mustache. She had put it on for a classroom party earlier in the day. Couple that with her bright red kimono blowing in the wind, and it was quite the sight to see.

“So, all parents see is this crazy girl running barefoot in the rain with a tornado in the background wearing a fake black mustache,” Megan wrote on Facebook. “No wonder they made me run all the way to their window before rolling it down.”

Someone took a photo of Megan during her mad dash. It’s safe to say she really does look like the superhero she was behaving like on that day. She also made sure to note that she was far from the only teacher outside.

“We all were super united taking care of our family and students,” she told People. “I was so focused on just getting those parents to safety. My mind was: every single one of those parents were family members. They needed to get inside.”

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