Stylist Struggles To Snip Through Woman’s Super-Thick, Long Hair For Donation

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

When you live your life doing the same routine day in, day out, week after week, month after month, you might suddenly feel the need for a drastic change.

One of the best outlets for a new outlook: your hairstyle! Personally, I’ve been known to dye my hair crazy shades or dabble in various types of bangs, but the woman below wanted something that could also be an act of kindness.

The teacher from India brought her stylist into her home for the extreme makeover. While sitting calmly in front of him, she remains completely optimistic about shedding 18 inches of her locks, something most other folks would definitely get pretty emotional about!

But not this brave lady. That might have something to do with the fact that she’s donating that hefty braid to someone who needs it far more than she does. Besides, even when it’s all said and done, she still manages to have plenty of hair left.

Before the cut, she regularly wore the strands wrapped up into a braided knot or bun. She certainly didn’t want to deal with snags and tangles while teaching a room full of rowdy students.

In full glory, it’s amazing how healthy and strong the hair is all the way down to the very tips!

As you can probably imagine, it took the stylist quite a bit of time to work his brush through her mighty mane. It makes you wonder how she found the patience to deal with this on a daily basis.

After securing the top band just below her shoulders, he braids together three thick strands which will make it easier for her to package the hair for her donation.

The stylist then verifies the length is in fact 18 inches of luxurious locks. Whoever receives a wig from this kind woman’s gesture is going to feel totally confident with these well-maintained tresses!

Take a look below to see him finally snip the braid off, something that almost seems like too big a job for his small scissors.

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