Elementary School Teacher Can’t Sing For His Bride — But His Students Can

by Paul Morris
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Absoltely nothing is better than going to a good wedding reception. The food, the music, the dancing, the people; just about everything always seems to be OK when so many people are around having a good time.

Usually, before the real fun begins, the bride or groom or best man gives a speech. Sometimes they’re long and emotional, and sometimes they’re short and sweet, but no matter what, they’re always a joy to watch.

Sometimes, a particularly talented bride or groom will actually sing a song, or do a special dance for their newly betrothed, but while one happy newlywed wanted more than anything to sing to his new bride, there was just one problem: he couldn’t sing.

With a pretty bad singing voice, Lee McDowall just didn’t have the ability to serenade his new wife. But that’s when he got an idea.

Lee wrote up his own song and had his elementary school students sneak into the reception and sing it for him. Lee is a well-beloved teacher amongst his students, so just about everyone in his class was more than excited to do this for him!

While Lee can’t sing very well, he is certainly talented with the guitar, and he made a very cute and emotional song to give as the first gift of many to his beautiful bride. It really doesn’t get much sweeter than this!

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