Teacher Wears Dress Featuring Her Students’ Artwork On The Last Day Of School

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Teaching is one of the most important jobs a person can dedicate themselves to. It’s not easy wrangling all those kiddos into listening to your lesson plan, something I learned the hard way as a substitute teacher throughout college.

Of course, all the chaos is worth it when you see their sweet faces get excited about a new subject or discovering a new passion. Without amazing teachers guiding and encouraging us as kids, no one would have a chance at reaching for what we really want in life.

ShaRee Castlebury, a first-grade teacher in Lawton, OK, is definitely one of those teachers who really goes the extra mile for her students. When the school year came to a close, she knew she wanted to do something special to remember each of her precious little scholars.

As she tells her local newspaper, The Lawton Constitution: “I fall in love with them and then you have to push them on and I wanted to do something to hold onto that.”

Castlebury’s creative solution: have her students decorate a plain white dress with their amazing artwork!

She was inspired by other teachers doing something similar with quilts, but since she can’t sew, she brainstormed this unique take on the idea.

Her students were more than happy to help design her one-of-a-kind outfit, grabbing colorful markers and pens to craft their special doodles.

Castlebury proudly donned the fantastic frock on the last day of class and already plans to make it an annual activity, filling her closet with the dresses year after year.

She also hopes to wear the outfit for big moments in the students’ lives as they continue through their educations, like their 5th grade graduations.

Who knows, maybe even their high school graduations!

The delightful teacher will wear the dress on the first day of class next year, so her kids will feel “comforted and cherished” as soon as they walk in the door. They’ll also have the whole year to look forward to crafting their own garment for her!

The back features each student’s signature and the year they attended her classroom. Sharing the incredible idea on Facebook, Castlebury jokes, “Who am I wearing? ROOM 219!”

Who knows, maybe she’ll decide to just rock the awesome outfit around town! I would if I had so much love in one dress.

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