Woman Breaks Down In Tears When Teacher She’s Only Known For A Week Gives Her $1,900 For Her Son

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Memphis teacher Tawanda Cason had a special surprise in store for fellow teacher Denise Robinson, who had been working with her over the summer.

After learning that Denise’ son EJ has cerebral palsy and was in need of a $2,500 stroller, Tawanda decided to raise money to help out the family and surprise the mom with the cash.

“She has to spend a lot of money on equipment,” Tawanda says in the video below.

“So I reached out to my family and friends and collected $1,300,” she continues. “So $1,300 toward that $2,500.” Then local news station WREG stepped in, giving another $300 to the cause. An anonymous donor donated another $300. In the clip, Tawanda meets Denise in the principal’s office to surprise her.

“Your story just touched my heart. You’re such a loving mother, strong teacher,” Tawanda tells Denise. “The news has given me $600 to pass on to you, and then there’s $1,300 from my family and friends.”

Denise is in disbelief when the teacher starts handing her all the cash. She breaks down in tears over the woman’s generosity.

“Oh wow, it’s a blessing ’cause I promise you it’s really hard,” Denise says. “We just fight through it.”

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Footage provided by WREG Memphis

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