Detroit School Teacher Saves Student’s Life By Donating Kidney

by Emerald Pellot
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What Detroit public school teacher Nadirah Muhammad did to help a sick student, 18-year-old A’Ja Booth, is far beyond her responsibility as an educator.

“This is the result of my simple act of kindness, because God blesses us every single day,” Muhammad said. “So what I did, I don’t see as a sacrifice, it was a blessing, and I was happy to have that spirit and to help my fellow man.”

Sometimes the kindest acts are from strangers. When Christine Royles needed a kidney, she wrote a message on her car asking for one and found her donor.

One day, Muhammad overheard Booth talking about a book she had written.

Booth was suffering from kidney disease for four years.

To cope with her condition, she wrote a book documenting her experience called My Dialysis Journey.

Muhammad asked if she could read the book and was moved by Booth’s story.

The teacher then knew she had to do something to help her.

“If that was my child, I would want someone to do the same. It was a no-brainer,” Muhammad said.

Months later, the teacher and student walk into an assembly, greeted by students with confetti. The student, A’Ja Booth, a survivor and the teacher, Nadirah Muhammad, a hero.

“I’m blessed and I’m thankful,” Booth told her fellow students.

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