Teacher Gets First Tattoo At Age 26, Now He’s Totally Covered In Ink From Head To Toe

by Amy P
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Sylvain Helaine, 33, has worked as a school teacher in the UK for the past decade. He’s also a former martial arts coach, model, and aspiring comedian.

Sylvain also teaches people not to judge a book by its cover … or in his case, a person by his tattoos.

For the past six years — ever since Sylvain got his first tattoo in his late 20s — he has been on a journey through body modification that has taken on a life of its own.

Today, Sylvain is covered head to toe in tattoos — even on his gums!

At first, Sylvain says his outward appearance can make parents and fellow teachers skeptical or uncomfortable.

And though he says he has spent over $45,000 on all the ink, he has no plans to stop.

“I will keep covering myself layer after layer, ending up black,” he told Barcroft TV. “Not necessarily because I want to but because the more you cover the darker you get.”

Meet Sylvain in the clip below and see his stunning transformation.

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