High School Student Catches Teacher Chatting On Phone During Class And Video Sparks Outrage

by Amy Paige
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According to the New York Times, the Hempstead Union Free School District on Long Island, New York, “has been troubled for decades by abysmal graduation rates, crumbling school buildings, violence and corruption.”

The district supposedly has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country, which is exactly why the video you’re about to see is leaving so many parents outraged.

In a viral video recorded by a male Hempstead student, a teacher is seen sitting at her desk inside a high school classroom — and chatting away on her phone for at least an hour.

Meanwhile, the students are apparently left to their own devices. “Look at the class, everyone’s sleeping,” the student narrates.

“Asleep. Heads down.”

It’s unclear if this was a class, study hall, or detention.

After the video was posted to Facebook, it quickly racked up the views and has now been seen over 50,000 times.

The incident is under investigation, and parents are furious. “They feel cheated, they feel betrayed,” one parent said. “I believe the students deserve better.”

See the moment for yourself in the clip below.

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