Wife Takes Care Of Husband With Alzheimer’s. Then A Bank Gives Her The Break She Deserves

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Sometimes, hearing the words “thank you” can make all the difference in a person’s day. But when was the last time you said it to show someone you care?

Well, TD Bank decided to thank deserving customers in truly unique ways by creating TD Thank Accounts to deliver personalized gifts of appreciation. As unsuspecting customers from Maine to Florida walked into their TD Bank location, they had no idea of the surprises that were in store for them.

From helping a customer create a more accessible home for her family to helping a student pursue her dream of going to art school, TD Bank pulled out all the stops for their 2016 #TDThanksYou campaign.

Among one of the biggest surprises was brightening the day of a caregiver, Linda, who has never taken a real break for herself to take care of her husband with Alzheimer’s disease. Well, that was about to change.

As she walked up to the teller, a special receipt printed out.

“You inspire us with your strength, conviction, and grace,” the thank-you note said.

The teller delivered a huge surprise that left her awestruck and nearly speechless, showing the importance of paying it forward with a “thank you!”

“I just wanted to brighten your day a little bit,” the teller said.

“Brighten my day? My life!” Linda said, as her eyes welled with tears.

Watch the video below to see the big surprise reveal — and how TD Bank thanked millions of other lucky customers.

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