Marine Who ‘Stole’ A Truck To Save 30 Lives In Las Vegas Awarded New Car From Dealership

by Emerald Pellot
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I am sure you’ve heard of Taylor Winston by now. During the Las Vegas shooting, the former Marine borrowed a truck that was left at the scene.

“A lot of these festivals share work trucks, and I figured one of the trucks would have keys — and the first one did,” he said of that terrifying night. “I lucked out.”

Taylor gathered 30 critically injured people and drove them to a hospital in the area. It was an act of valor and heroism that we’re sure can be added to a long list for the military man.

“No ambulances were immediately available. There was far too many causalities for anyone to handle. Probably one of the hardest parts was leaving everyone behind that I couldn’t fit in who were still critically injured,” Taylor told CNN.

To honor the hero, BF Motors, a car dealership, gifted Taylor a brand-new truck.

“I think a lot of my training helped in the event, helped me keep a cool head,” Taylor said. “But at the end of the day, we just knew we had a mission to get as many people to safety.”

While Taylor is most certainly deserving of the truck, he has no plans to keep it. In fact, he is going to sell the brand-new vehicle immediately and donate the profits to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

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