9-Year-Old Taylor Longbrake Sings “God Bless America”

by Paul Morris
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There’s just something heartwarming about watching a patriotic child do their best to show off their love for the United States of America.

While many children aren’t known for being the best of singers and most need a couple more years of training to perfect their vocal talents, the little girl in the video below will leave your jaw right on the floor and your heart soaring in the clouds.

It begins with 9-year-old Taylor Longbrake looking a bit nervous standing in front of the 45,000 people at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball stadium. It’s the seventh inning stretch, so as the music beings to play for “God Bless America,” she takes a quick breath in and begins to sing.

Longbrake’s version of this incredible song will leave your heart filled with pride. She may be young, but you have to admit this girl certainly has talent! And when you combine talent with an honest love of the words she’s singing, then there is nothing that will hold her back from achieving the American dream! We just love it when little kids are obviously proud to be an American!

The song she’s singing was originally written by Irving Berlin in 1918 just after the first World War. Taking the form of a prayer, this patriotic song gained new limelight when singer Kate Smith performed it in the late 30’s. As Hitler was gaining power in Nazi Germany, Americans were beginning to see their country as more of a world player.

God bless this little girl for performing the song with the respect it deserves!

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