Can We Tell The Difference Between Starbucks And Grocery Store Coffee?

by Elyse Wanshel
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The French have their wine. The British sip their tea. But us Americans? We love our coffee.

So much so that unlike the English, who have a set time to sip their Earl Grey every day, Americans drink coffee all day long.

In fact, as a nation, we’re so obsessed with the brewed beverage that some of us actually believe that our specific coffee orders say something about our personalities.

Need more proof? Look at the popularity of the coffee company Starbucks. There are a total of 12,739 in the United States and we popularized the brand so much, that now Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world with 22,551 stores in 65 countries and territories.

But why is it so popular?

Is Starbucks coffee really that great? Or is it appeal due to clever marketing that makes us feel like it’s okay to spend $5 on a latte because of its quality is higher than a plain cup of Joe you can brew at home?

Here at LittleThings we wanted to get to the bottom of things, so we created an exclusive taste test to find out if we could tell the difference between Starbucks and grocery store coffee. The results? It’s in the video below.

Personally, I was surprised…

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