Elephant And Dog Are Famous For Their Unbelievable Friendship

by Anna Halkidis
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Elephants are known for being very social creatures who form unbreakable bonds with members of their species.

But, there’s one in Tennessee’s Elephant Sanctuary who became famous for her relationship with man’s best friend.

That’s right, the Asian elephant named Tarra was best friends with a pooch named Bella, who just appeared at the sanctuary one day. We previously showed you a video of the odd couple frolicking the sanctuary together, but these two would also sleep, drink, eat, and play together, despite their massive size difference.

The power of their nearly 10-year friendship was proven when Bella the dog suffered a terrible back injury.

The pooch was kept indoors in the sanctuary’s office. During those three weeks, Tarra made sure to visit the dog every single day and stood right near the office.

One day during the dog’s recovery, cofounder Scott Blais carried Bella to see Tarra. The moment, shown below, shows just how much these two loved each other.

Unfortunately, Bella passed away in 2011, and Tarra mourned her loss similarly to the way a human would after losing a loved one. Thankfully, the other elephants stepped in to comfort her during her grieving period.

“There’s nothing we can do to take away her pain,” the sanctuary’s CEO, Rob Atkinson, told CBS. “The only ones who can help now are the elephants. And that is already happening.”

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