Family Snaps Picture When Mom Graduates. 17 Years Later, They Recreate The Same Exact Photo

by Jess Butler
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Every time graduation season rolls around, students strive to make the most of it.

Some plan unbelievable graduation photo shoots, others make videos they’ll cherish for a lifetime, while a few create new and inspiring traditions.

For Madeleine Tarin, her graduation celebration was definitely the latter.

Receiving a diploma is a huge moment for any teen. Madeleine was just a baby when her mom graduated high school in the year 2000.

17 years later, it was Madeleine’s turn to receive her diploma and think about the future. Instead of focusing on herself during her big day, she joined her mom and dad and made the moment about all three of them.

She decided to honor her mom’s graduation the same day by taking a very special photo that her entire family — and now the internet — will cherish for years and years to come.

To see what Madeleine and her family did at her graduation. you can see the amazing photos below!

[H/T: BuzzFeed]

Madeleine poses.

Meet Madeleine Tarin. She just graduated from Chino High School’s class of 2017. Although it was an amazing accomplishment for her, graduation became something even more meaningful.

Madeleine's mom.

This is Madeleine’s mom. The Tarin family decided to look back on a moment they shared together 17 years ago — Mom’s high school graduation.

Madeleine and her mom.

When her mom graduated high school, Madeleine was only a baby. Soon enough, she was in her mom’s shoes, about to meet an important milestone.

Madeleine at her graduation, posing.

Now that the teen was graduating herself, she decided to create a new tradition.

The family at mom's graduation.

This picture was taken the day of her mom’s graduation. It displayed an iconic moment for the Tarin family, so they decided to recreate it.

Now, the family is celebrating their daughter’s big day by posing for the same exact photo.

It was a celebration of pride and dedication to education, something the Tarin family clearly values a lot. Madeleine even won a few senior awards!

Here’s to a new tradition!

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