Target Employees Help Teen Nail His First Job Interview

by Allyson Souza
Ally is a born-and-bred Jersey Girl who studied English and Journalism at Rutgers University. In her free time, she spends too much money on food, continues the endless search for her next favorite book, and fails to use her gym membership on a daily basis. She comes from a huge, crazy family that sells Fish & Chips for a living and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s nothing better than a kind stranger. When someone you’ve never met before goes out of his or her way to help you, it does something to restore your faith in the universe.

Even if it’s just a smile on the street or holding the door until you’re able to reach it, these small gestures have a huge impact.

Just watch the faces of these people on the street when random kids hand them flowers. It’s amazing to see the brightness come over them at the unexpected act of kindness. It probably didn’t hurt that there were adorable kids involved as well!

There’s actually a popular belief that one act of kindness leads to another and creates a chain of good deeds.

Check out this kindness boomerang which shows how one man’s small gesture can change other people’s day and make its way back to him. It’s so cool to see how you actually do get back what you put out into the world.

For one teenage boy, Yasir Moore, his day-changing act of kindness came when he stopped in Target for a clip-on tie to wear to his very first job interview. Though Target doesn’t sell clip-on ties, Moore quickly had three employees giving him advice and making sure that he looked presentable for his big day.

It’s so wonderful to watch how these four people were able to connect — and he got the job!

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