Target’s Chic Inflatable Adult Pools Are The Perfect Way To Cool Down This Summer

by Angela Andaloro

It seems like spring just started, but many people already have summer on their minds. Who doesn’t love the easy living of the sunniest, steamiest months of the year?

It’s time to start making plans for trips to the beach or wherever you’d like to soak up some rays. Some people prefer to get their vitamin D fix in the privacy of their own yard, and Target has a new line of inflatable pools that’s sure to delight those sunshine-loving homebodies.

The new line is called Minnidip. These pools, designed by La Vaca, are being branded as “the first designed inflatable pools.” They come in colors and patterns that are très trendy.

They’re also easy to set up, taking just 10 minutes. For $40 a pop, they’re going to be on everyone’s summer wish list. Whether you’re taking a dip with your kids or inviting your besties over for some summer fun, these beautiful pools will only add to the ambiance of your yard.

Springtime is flying by. It seems like everyone is just getting used to seeing the sun again. Now people are already making summer plans.

While many people will make the trek to the beach for sun and fun, some of us would rather beat the heat at home. That doesn’t mean we have to miss out on taking a refreshing dip.

Target recently announced a new line of inflatable pools. These pools are definitely not your average bathroom blue, flimsy vinyl fare, though.

The Minnidip pools are designed by La Vaca. They’re being branded as “the first designer inflatable pools,” according to the brand.

The pools are 5½ feet wide by 1½ feet tall. It’s the perfect size for three adults or an adult and some kids (if you’re feeling generous).

What sets these pools apart from others are their super-trendy patterns. There’s no reason your solution to beating the heat needs to mess up your yard decor.

Target is currently carrying the signature collection. It features six different designs.

minnidip inflatable pools target

That’s Banana(Leave)s! serves up some seriously tropical vibes. The pink-and-white background provides a subtle but complementary surface for the leaf print.

minnidip inflatable pools target

Just Add Water(Melon)! will get you in the mood for your favorite juicy treat. The slightly see-through top rings scream retro in the best way.

minnidip inflatable pools target

The Fresh Cut helps you keep your mind on staying cool. The blue hues make for a chill vibe.

minnidip inflatable pools target

Enjoy a slice of heaven in your own backyard with Squeeze the Day! The lemon print is quintessential summer without getting too cliché.

minnidip inflatable pools target

Dipped in Ink is the perfect pick for a minimalist. The busy pattern is offset by the black-and-white palette, making it look sophisticated and silly all in one.

Soak in Some (Water)Color is perfect for the artist within. The mixture of patterns and colors is as refreshing as taking a dip in it.

These playful, pretty pools are now available at all Target locations. They’re just $39.99 each and take 10 minutes to set up. They’re a perfect addition to your outdoor space this summer.

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