Nurse At Target Sees Pregnant Woman Unexpectedly Go Into Labor And Has To Help Deliver Her Baby

by Mauricio Castillo
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Lisa Boseman was out shopping with her daughter, Caris Lockwood, at their local Target when the unthinkable occurred.

The day was going smoothly until Caris noticed her mom waving to her to come over to a pregnant woman she’d never met before.

“I was just trying on some shoes, and my mom kind of motioned me over to see her. I thought she was just wanting me to say ‘hi,’ because I’m a nurse. And I was just thinking, ‘Mom, just let this woman shop in peace!'” Caris recalled.

Caris couldn’t have been more wrong!

In fact, Lisa had stopped to say hello to the pregnant woman, but in that exact moment, the woman — Tanya Picault — went into labor!

So Lisa quickly waved her daughter over. Caris is a labor and delivery nurse at Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta.

“I remember screaming, ‘I want this baby out now!’ And then the water broke!” Tanya said of the moment Caris came over to help.

Caris walked her through the delivery inside the Target store, and within 20 minutes, 7-lb., 10-oz. Malik was born!

“God put everyone in the right place at the right time,” Caris said.

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