Mom Makes A Pink Rectangle Out Of Tape, Then Her Cat Has The Strangest Reaction

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Everybody knows that cats love boxes. Whether or not you own a cat, you know that if a cat is around a box, it will do whatever it takes to climb inside that box.

It’s always funny when cats find boxes that are far too small for them, but they decide to sit in them anyways — like these two kitties who are always getting themselves into funny box situations.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cereal box or a refrigerator box — if the cat fits, it will sit there.

According to Pinterest, though, you can apparently trick your cat into sitting in a pseudo-box simply by placing tape on the floor.

Danielle Matheson hadn’t heard of this cat trick until her mom texted her on April 10, 2017.

Her mom explained that she had read about the cat trick online and wanted to try it herself.

Then she sent pictures.

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twitter cat trick

Danielle shared the interaction she had with her mom on Twitter, where the post immediately went viral.

Within a week, the post had been liked over 200,000 times and retweeted over 90,000 times.

Danielle’s mom texted her: “So Pinterest says if you put a square on the floor the cat will get in it.”

She originally seemed somewhat skeptical, but then she sent the pictures to Danielle.

cat pink tape

When the cat first saw the pink tape square on the floor, he seemed interested, sniffing around the outside of it.

He edged forward, and before she knew it, Danielle’s mom saw that the cat was entirely in the square.

cat in tape

The cat seemed to think he was actually in a box, not just in a tape square.

As soon as Danielle posted the photos to Twitter, people everywhere decided to test the trick on their own cats.

kitty thunderdome

Erin Bahrenfuss replied to Danielle’s Tweet, sharing a photo of her two cats fighting over the blue tape square on the floor.

Eventually, one cat was the winner, sprawling out in the “box.”

cat square

Another Twitter user, Ryan Nemeth, seemed convinced that his cat wouldn’t be fooled by the tape square, but lo and behold, just moments later his cat was sitting right in the square.

purring cat square

Another cat who fell for the tape trick loved being in the “box” so much that she even started purring.

Just look how content this little fluffer is!

fluffy cat

Some cats were not falling for it, though.

Lisa Ryan wrote, “I work so hard for my cat, but she doesn’t appreciate it.”

cat in between

Do you think your cat would climb into the tape “box”?

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