10-Year-Old Throws Wild Tantrum And Stomps Right By Military Brother Who’s About To Surprise Her

by Mauricio Castillo
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For a lot of kids like 10-year-old Lundyn Harvey, anger and frustration are often expressed in the form of an uncontrollable tantrum. But for Lundyn, it was a tantrum that actually set the stage for one amazing surprise from her older brother.

In the video below, Lundyn had just gotten out of school when her mom, Tameia, dropped a bombshell: She had bought Lundyn’s brother a new phone.

Lundyn would just have to deal with the reality of her brother getting something while she got nothing. Unfortunately, as kids are apt to do, Lundyn just couldn’t handle that universal sibling jealousy.

“It’s not fair!” she yelled in despair while her mom filmed her. But just as Lundyn began her tantrum, she stomped right by someone hiding behind a nearby wall.

It was her 20-year-old brother, Markell. He had been gone for six months with the Navy reserves and hadn’t seen his family that entire time.

Lundyn wailed and let out exasperated gasps. Tameia had come up with the perfect distraction for Markell’s surprise homecoming.

So Lundyn continued on with her tantrum, slinging her bag around and walking away from her mom.

“Lundyn,” Tameia called to her. The young girl turned around and saw that Markell was standing there, decked out in his Navy fatigues, a smile on his face.

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