Vets Think She’s A Stray Pit Bull, But Then Notice She Has A Microchip Inside Her

by Mauricio Castillo
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In late February of 2017, the Nebraska Humane society was graced with the presence of an adorable pit bull-Labrador mix named Tantrum.

The 10-year-old pit bull, whose mellow, chill composure is in direct contrast with her name, was thought to be an abandoned stray.

She was brought into the Nebraska Humane Society with what looked to be bite marks on her head, signaling some sort of maltreatment.

This further strengthened the idea of her being a stray, with no home to call her own.

It wasn’t until veterinarians examined her further that they made a shocking discovery.

Tantrum had a microchip inside her.

“They went ahead and did medical treatment. When they scanned her, they found that her chip traced to a name in Las Cruces, New Mexico,” said Pam Wiese, of the Nebraska Humane Society.

A truly stunning discovery, as they learned that somehow, Tantrum had travelled 1000 miles away from her true home. After contacting her owner, they discovered she had been missing for over two years.

“Once we did that and he knew that it was her, he started working on getting a plane ticket for her to get back to New Mexico,” Wiese said.

Tantrum had to heal up before she could fly, but she was able to return home on Friday, March 17.

“It’s so exciting that it’s been two years and yet she gets to go home,” Wiese said. “Her owner is still very excited about getting her back.”

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