Tamron Hall Slams Commenter Who Tried To Mom-Shame Her For Going Back To Work

by Angela Andaloro

Tamron Hall’s journey to motherhood was not an easy one. The 48-year-old host of the upcoming talk show, The Tamron Hall Show, welcomed her son, Moses, in April with husband Steven Greener.

She had announced her pregnancy only the month before, fearing that things might not work out. Thankfully, she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. As the new mom gets ready for her talk show to go into full gear, she’s facing mommy shamers for the first time.

Tamron recently posted about the show, which premieres September 9. In the comments, one woman decided to call her out, simply for being a working mom. “Your poor baby must miss you,” the commenter wrote.

Tamron didn’t brush off the comment, instead posting a screenshot of it with her no-nonsense response. Not only did she say she was sick of the attitude taken toward working mothers, but that the subject is one of many she plans to tackle on the upcoming show.

Tamron Hall has a beautiful baby boy! She and husband Steven Greener welcomed son Moses in April. The couple went through the difficult process of IVF to conceive their son. For Tamron, it wasn’t her first time trying to get pregnant.

“When I tried in my 30s, I still felt like I had some time, and the fertility clinic felt like a bright room,” Tamron explained to People. “In my 40s I saw all the gray: The faces looked gray, the walls were gray, nothing seemed shiny and optimistic.”

Tamron’s concerns about conceiving and, later, seeing a pregnancy to term at 48 played into her decision to keep her pregnancy under wraps until she was 38 weeks along. She announced it to fans on Instagram in March.

Now that’s she’s had three months to dote on her little man, Tamron has her mind on her return to work. On September 9, her new syndicated talk show, The Tamron Hall Show, will premiere on ABC. Of course, Tamron is excited about this new venture.

Because this is the internet, some of Tamron’s social media followers are not on board with her launching the new show in September. Some mommy shamers have decided to give her a hard time about returning to work three months after giving birth.

When Tamron got wind of the comments, she decided to address them in a direct reply on her Instagram. She shared a screenshot of one particular comment that read, “Your poor baby must miss you,” and circled it for emphasis.

Along with the photo, she wrote, “I am so sick of this. Can’t wait to discuss 9/9/19. This mom shame lameness is so corny and toxic.”

She’s absolutely right, of course. There’s no reason why a woman has to choose between working and being a mother. Most women don’t have a choice in the matter, in fact, due to their families’ circumstances.

She continued by saying, “Fyi my ‘poor baby’ is right here with me and when he’s not he is in the loving arms of Dad, Granny, Nanny… yes, I have a wonderful woman who helps me. My mom had her sisters and other women help her too. No shame in women helping women.”

“Knock it off with this nonsense. Let’s talk about it @tamronhallshow,” she concluded. “Oh and don’t call this a ‘rant’ from Tamron. It’s a reply and one I would say face to face.”

She made her point in a polite and direct way that she should never have to apologize for.

She followed up the post with another, featuring a picture of Moses. She wrote, “Lol. Baby Moses: What I miss? Love and hugs to all moms, ‘other’ moms, stepmoms, ‘play’ Moms(I get to take you home after we play), those still trying to be moms and those who say I don’t want to be a mom.”

“I did not set out to ‘shame’ the person who sent that comment. Where I am from when you say ‘poor baby’ that is not a compliment… like ‘bless your heart’ 🤣,” Tamron explained. “Now back to my poor baby lol. Keep smiling and doing your best. We can talk about anything as long as we start with respect. He gets that look side eye from his mama. #mosesandmama.

Despite being new to the mom game, it’s not the first time she’s worried about how she might be perceived as a parent. Tamron went through some stressful times when, three weeks after giving birth, she wasn’t producing enough milk to continue breastfeeding.

“A mentally healthy mom is best, and this was breaking me down,” Tamron told People. “I started calling all my friends who have breastfed, and a couple of them confessed to me, ‘Listen, at night I gave formula so I could sleep.’ I’m like, ‘You’re just telling me this now? I’m about to knock back a bottle of Jack Daniels!’”

Tamron seems to really be enjoying motherhood, both the good and bad. It will be interesting to see her engage other mothers in conversation about the modern issues surrounding parenting when her show premieres.