Mom Buys Groceries For Sad Homeless Man When ‘Voice Of God’ Speaks To Her About Fried Chicken

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Tammy Lyons Wilkinson, a wife and mother from New Castle, IN, shared an unbelievable story on her Facebook page… and now it’s taking the internet by storm.

In December 2016, Wilkinson was ready to go grocery shopping when she noticed a homeless man sitting on the bench outside the front doors. It was freezing cold and the man was trying his best to stay warm.

Wilkinson felt an instant connection with the man, but kept walking until she entered the supermarket. That’s when she heard a voice — “the voice of Jesus” — telling her that the homeless man loved bananas.

Since it was so cold outside, Wilkinson had an urge to buy him fried chicken from the hot-food section. But the voice inside her head kept telling her to ignore the chicken and buy bananas and other items.

Wilkinson exited the store and handed the bananas to the lonely stranger — and that’s where the story takes a tear-jerking twist.

By the time she got back in her car to head home, her eyes were filled with tears. Whether or not you’re a person of faith, Wilkinson’s story of kindness and compassion is something we can all appreciate.

“What a good woman,” a commenter wrote. “You listened to that still, small, voice. Thanks for an uplifting message.”

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