Tame Unwanted Flyaways With Some Hairspray And A Toothbrush

by Angel Chang
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As I’m sure many of you women out there can relate, I find it so very annoying when I find flyaways in my hair.

They become especially irritating when I already have my hair all done up and put in place…

But have no fear! If you’re having the same problem with flyaways, know that you can very easily tame them with common household items.

In an exclusive video below, we’ll show you an exceptionally simple trick to tame your flyaways with just a bottle of hairspray and a toothbrush.

Besides coming in handy in flyaway situations, hairspray can also be used to fix little run-ins in a pair of stockings, and many other things.

All you have to do is spray the hairspray once or twice on the toothbrush and carefully comb over the part of your hair that have been made uneven.

Because the toothbrush has such fine bristles, it can be used to comb away the tiniest of hairs that a regular hairbrush might miss.

Scroll further to watch the easy trick in the video below. Will you be trying out this hack yourself next time?

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