Tamandua The Anteater Shows Off Her Termite-Eating Skills

by Melissa Castellanos
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For many, having a termite problem is a nightmare; but if you’re an anteater, it’s a dream come true!

These unique and interesting-looking little fellas love to gobble up termites with their long, sticky tongues that are “about the size of a pencil.”

As a part of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s Wild Encounters Program, zoo-goers can get a chance to get up close to its featured star, an anteater named Tamandua. They can also learn about the exceptional qualities that anteaters possess.

Anteaters have also cracked us up with their comical ways, such as one hysterical anteater that provides entertainment to its owner by standing up and “dancing,” and two pet anteaters that get into mischief when their owner isn’t home.

Now back to the tenacious Tamandua… In addition to her long nose and tongue, she has big front claws that are used to dig into termite mounds.

Anteaters come from Central and South America and are also called “lesser anteaters.” They can hang from just their tail, which is strong enough to support their entire body weight.

While they are small and spend a lot of time in the trees, anteaters also come down to the ground to search for termites.

Watch Tamandua eat her favorite baby food with her slithery tongue and adorable little eyes!

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